What to expect on Test Day

Many MSAP-UK candidates have been out of education for a number of years, so undertaking an examination at this time in their lives can be a bit daunting. Some of the things you are likely to experience follow, particularly if you attend a large sitting:

Arriving at the test centre
Your Admission Ticket tells you to arrive at a certain time. Check-in will usually commence just a little before that time.

There will be clear directions to the check-in table where you should line up.

Checking In
Equip yourself accordingly to suit the weather on the day. Staff will do their best to move any queues that have spilled outside as quickly as possible.

Have your Admission Ticket and photographic ID ready while you wait in the queue to help speed your check-in.

Staff at the desks are obliged to check that you are you! They will look at your ID, and then carefully scrutinise your face. Don't be embarrassed - just give them a cheery smile.

If there is an issue with anything, you will be directed to a senior supervisor away from the check-in table to resolve it.

Expect some 'waiting around' time while everyone is checked in and seated.

Exam Room
Exam rooms, with their ranks of desks and chairs, can be overwhelming for some. Take some deep, calming breaths, and concentrate on your eventual goal.

In a large open space, with many people present, it is a very delicate balance to get the heating right.

It is strongly suggested that you DRESS IN LAYERS. Your coat must be removed, and you should be prepared to be either hot or cold in the exam room.

Supervisors are there to help, so don't hesitate to ask if you have a query about anything.

Their duties include managing the queues and check-in desks, guiding people to seats, answering candidate queries, and handing out, then collecting, test papers.

Following announcements and directions, when you have started your test, the supervisors will occasionally wander past. They are not expecting anyone to be cheating, they're just keeping an eye on things and are ready to assist if required.

It can be a bit of a tedious job, so give them a smile when you leave....

This is an important day for you. Keep calm, be prepared, and do your best. Good luck!